Resident Ambassador Program

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Introducing Our Resident Ambassador Program

We are delighted to introduce the Resident Ambassador Program at The Terraces at Capitol, where our residents can play a crucial role in establishing relationships among other residents. Our resident ambassadors make newcomers’ transition into the community more pleasant, act as a point of contact for any inquiries, and speak out for the interests of other residents. 

What it means to be a senior living resident ambassador: 

Reside in the heart of our vibrant community: Resident Ambassadors have the honor of dwelling in our excellent personal care home, enjoying all the amenities and a close-knit environment. 

Lead the way in fostering a welcoming environment: Our ambassadors are in the forefront of fostering a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where new residents can feel at home. Their encouraging words and smiles will have a long-lasting effect on their transition. 

Build better relationships: By getting to know their peers, residents can develop deep connections, exchange backgrounds, and feel a sense of belonging. 

Being an advocate for other residents: As an advocate, resident ambassadors ensure that residents feel their needs and concerns are understood and taken into consideration. Their opinions and recommendations will help us keep improving our senior living community. 

Our Resident Ambassador Program is an excellent method to improve everyone in our community’s overall living experience. It’s an opportunity for you to grow individually, establish enduring bonds, and have a beneficial influence on all your neighbors. 

Elsa Doyle

Elsa has been in our community for 6 months during that time she has taken advantage of many of our programs.  She participates in our Eldergrow garden, exercises and meditates daily. 

Bingo, cards and crafts round out her week.

Happy hour, peer group and music are gatherings she rarely misses.

Outside trips to Giant, Dollar tree, or lunch help her connect with fellow residents

She participates and shares in our food and resident council meetings. Elsa regularly keeps active by inviting her friends and family to spend time engaging in the life of our community. 

She will become our first female resident ambassador.  In this role she will help to orient new residents to the community by checking in with them during their first few weeks with us.  She will help us to foster a sense of neighborhood by attending events and programs in the community. 

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