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Care Services Questions

Do you have nurses on staff?

We have 24/7 Nursing Supervision. On site daily we have a combination of LPN’s, Certified Medication Assistants, and Personal Care Assistants.

Our team members follow personalized learning plans on a training platform that uses digital assessments and tracks performance that measures specified knowledge on resident-centered care. Topics range from fire safety, assistance with activities of daily living, first aid, and medication administration for those that qualify.

Yes, we are able to supply basic personal care supplies such as soap and toothpaste, and specialty items we can assist with purchase at an additional charge.  While other toiletries are available for purchase, we often see residents utilize online shopping delivery services to obtain there favorite products.

How many residents live here?

We can accommodate 64 Personal Care residents and we also offer Independent Living Services.

We provide transportation to many local physicians’ offices on an as available basis.  In the occasion we are not able to accommodate, we can offer some alternative solutions to assist you with your transportation to your medical appointments.

Yes, our employees are happy to assist residents to and from the dining room no matter their mobility needs.

Other Community Questions

Is Housekeeping offered?

Yes, Weekly housekeeping is included at no additional charge.

Yes, Cable and Wifi is included.

Yes, as long as the Executive Director is notified in advance. All guests are asked to sign in and out of the community so that we can ensure the safety of all residents and guests. At all times, the facility should be made aware of anyone in the building so authorities can be notified if there’s an emergency, as well as the safety of all residents.

aily programming is shared via our LifeLoop Activities Calendar Page. This is a great way for you to see what is happening in the community as well as a great way for you to see exactly what programs your loved on is attending.

Are laundry services offered?

Yes, Weekly laundry service is included at no additional charge.

Visiting hours for family and friends are recommended between the hours of 8am and 8pm. We have additional security measures in place for entry and exit of the community outside of those hours.

Yes, our Life Enrichment team encourages all residents and reminds them to participate in activities/programs of interest to the resident.

There are several options available, but you need to check the calendar for dates and locations, including Jewish, Catholic, Christian services and Non-denominational spiritual programs.

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